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Let the world feel the taste of China, SACON kitchen products fully settled in Beijing winter Olympics village

December 04 , 2019  /  Engineering Case  /  Author: sacon

Preparations for the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics, with worldwide attention, have come into the countdown stage. Winter has arrived, but the cold weather could not stop everyone's enthusiasm.In order to ensure the life of athletes from different countries during and the winter Olympics and make the athletes perform at their best, the construction projects of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou winter Olympics villages are under way. The main structure of the winter Olympics village in Zhangjiakou has been capped, and the project officially entered the decoration and construction stage in October this year.Zhangjiakou competition area is located in Taizicheng district. It consists of Yunding skiing park,Taizicheng snow town and Zhangjiaou Olympic sports park. 

Zhangjiakou winter Olympics village, located in Taizi town, will be able to accommodate 2,640 athletes and team officials in the future. With all the facilities and services available, it is conceivable that in the near future, athletes from the snow sports of the 2022 winter Olympics and the paralympics will feel at home in the winter Olympics village.It is worth mentioning that CXW-200-T5003 range hood SK-DC21A induction cooker of SACON has been settled in the winter Olympics village of Zhangjiakou competition area. Range hood and induction cooker, as an important part of kitchen appliances, will be for athletes' diet escort during the 2022 winter Olympic Games.SACON products have been installed in winter Olympics village.In fact, the relationship of sacon and the winter Olympic Game has been for a long time. As early as 2008, as the world's first 3G energy-saving electric water heater, SACON stood out from numerous domestic and foreign water heater brands by its outstanding scientific and technological strength, which became the only stationed water heater product in the Beijing Olympic Games main stadium “bird's nest” and “water cube”.The range hood and induction cooker of SACON will be installed in the 2022 winter Olympic village to serve athletes from all over the world. This was another affirmation and recognition of SACON products, which fully showed the strength of science and technology of SACON, and also the charm of SACON brand meanwhile.

As China's high-end kitchen & bath brand, SACON consistently adhere to the quality and attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, which has constantly made new breakthroughs in the kitchen and bath industry during these years. Sacon invented the submersible range hood without any fume left in kitchen. The integrated kitchen products used the pulse washing technology invented by SACON to clean automatically, which made the oil cleaning rate up to 96%. Wash for five minutes, clean for a whole year. These products have been well received by the market and lead the trend of the industry meanwhile.With high quality products and brand influence, SACON has entered into thousands of families to provide better kitchen experience for users. SACON is confident and capable of providing more high-quality kitchen experience for athletes from all over the world, so that the world can feel the taste of China.



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