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After 40 years, SACON has been ranked as China's top 500 most Valuable brand for 17 consecutive years

June 19, 2024  /  Latest News  /  Author: sacon

On June 19, 2024, the 2024 (21st) World Brand Congress and the 2024 (21st) China TOP 500 Most Valuable Brands Conference jointly sponsored by World Brand Lab and World Manager was held in Beijing, and the 2024 (21st) "China TOP 500 Most Valuable Brands" list was released at the conference. As an expert in health kitchen electricity, SACON has been selected to the list strongly for 17 consecutive years, ranking in the forefront of professional kitchen electricity brands, and the brand leadership position has been widely recognized inside and outside the industry.

The World Brand Lab, a leading global brand consultancy, research and measurement organisation, was founded on the initiative of Professor Robert Mundell, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1999, and served as its first chair, with Oxford University Professor Dr Steve Woolgar taking over as chair in 2022. World Brand Lab is recognized as one of the world's top three brand value assessment agencies, and its authoritative "China's TOP 500 Most Valuable Brands" research report is based on comprehensive analysis of financial data, brand strength and consumer behavior, which has unparalleled authority and influence in the field of Chinese brand research.

The theme of the 21st World Brand Congress in 2024 is "Break and Stand: A Roadmap for Digital Technology to Enhance Brand Value". In today's era, the fourth industrial revolution, led by artificial intelligence (AI), is sweeping the world. In such a globalized and digital economy, the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) exclusively opened the 2024 (21st) "China's TOP 500 Most valuable brands" survey. How artificial intelligence and digital technology can enhance brand value is an important topic that entrepreneurs all over the world are actively exploring.

The fact that SACON can achieve such outstanding results is the result of its continuous adaptation to the trend of The Times, positive innovation, and embrace of digital technology. SACON closely links its own development with the progress of The Times. Through continuous efforts in technology research and development, product upgrading, service optimization and many other aspects, SACON continuously enhances its brand value and market competitiveness, and gradually establishes its leading position in the industry.



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