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Wonderful Review for SACON 40th Anniversary Brand Strategy and 2024 Aspirant Conference

March 31, 2024  /  Latest News  /  Author: sacon

On March 28, with the theme of "upward", SACON 40th anniversary brand strategy and 2024 Aspirant Conference was held in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. At the press conference, SACON officially put forward the brand rejuvenation strategy, released the SACON technology platform and the product matrix. At the press conference, Gao Yuanyuan, the brand spokesperson , made a surprise appearance. Her smile at the event perfectly interpreted the sunny, warm and young brand image of SACON.

SACON steady and sustained growth with faith

SACON has always focused on the user-centered operation in the past 40 years of development, and has continuously brought innovative products and high-value cooking solutions to users with keen insight and professional technology. SACON has been running steadily for 40 years, will continue to forge ahead. Chairman Xu said, "On the one hand, 2024 will be the 40th year of the founding of the SACON brand; On the other hand, SACON has ushered in very important strategic opportunities, whether it is the new environment, the new trend, or the new look, which have created favorable conditions for our new development."

The kitchen industry has now shown some new trends and new models of "certainty". For SACON,  kitchen is the place full of love, so SACON constantly provides solutions not only for users' pain points, but with more warmth to the kitchen. Zhang Dongli, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, also said that kitchen industry has officially entered a new stage of "from simple to fine". This also marks the rise of a consumer upgrading movement in the kitchen electricity industry for a more scientific, reasonable and healthy lifestyle.

“Forging Ahead” is the condensation of SACON’s strength

In 2023, SACON has grown against the trend and achieved a comprehensive and good business transition.  In the 40 years of brand development. At the press conference, SACON officially launched a new brand positioning of "Healthy Kitchen Expert". As Zhang Shengyao, president of SACON, said, "Healthy kitchen electricity experts, this is not only a slogan, but also the direction of continuous efforts and progress of future company."Therefore, SACON uses the strategy to continuously solve the social problem of "one meal", to convey the yearning of "making the home full of love".

Looking forward to 2024, it is the year of "upward" and the year of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of SACON. 2024 has become a new start for the development of many enterprises, and this year is also significant for SACON. This also requires the team to solve the problem of development with ambition, which  has put forward new challenges to the marketing team. SACON believes that the market still exist with challenges and opportunities. As long as we work together, there is possible to create a new chapter in the development of SACON brand!

Link young users with a meal

The products that can really harvest users are often those that are highly compatible with their lifestyle, and those brands that have deep insight into user needs and strong competition for user mental positioning. This is also true for the kitchen appliance industry. At the press conference, SACON  officially put forward the brand "younger" strategy, with a new image, a new proposition and clearer attitude to meet the next era.  Behind the rejuvenation of the SACON brand is the technical precipitation of 40 years of focusing on the field of kitchen and the trust of 50 million users. Cai Yi, vice president of SACON, said, "Where the young people are, the brand's future lies."

SACON launched a new upgraded brand IP "Ma Xiaoshuai" at the press conference. SACON believes that reconstructing IP is an important part of the brand rejuvenation strategy. SACON that the "Ma Xiaoshuai" full of brand culture can continue to make a stronger link between the brand and consumers.

As an expert in healthy kitchen electricity, SACON released the "Healthy Cooking Technology" at the press conference according to its professional technology and development ability, SACON's continuous innovation in the field of kitchen industry, has been recognized by the "China Household Appliances Research Institute" in the kitchen industry. In the future, SACON will continue to increase investment in research and development, to bring consumers a better life through high-quality products and services.

SACON has comprehensively enriched the product line from the three stages of cooking, during and after, and launched a full range of healthy kitchen  products in the event, including integrated cooking center, range hood, water heater, self-cleaning integrated stove, dishwashers,disinfection cabinets, water purifiers and other complete product matrices.

At the event, Gao Yuanyuan, the brand image spokesperson, witness the brand rejuvenation strategy and the release of new products. She paid more attention to the performance of the product when choosing kitchen appliances, SACON products not only can complete exhaust fume , but also equipped with a large firepower. For product aesthetics, Gao Yuanyuan prefer simple design style, so the design beauty of SACON kitchen is very compatible with her own life.

In fact, in the past development period, SACON has always been based on the understanding of the kitchen use scene, focusing on the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen. The beauty emanating from Gao Yuanyuan's smile is very consistent with the perception and complements the tone of SACON's relatively high-end, high-value, and high-grade brand.

In the current consumption changes, the kitchen is no longer a traditional cooking place, but a complex and diversified sharing space, carrying users' social, emotional and freedom and more life scenes. With 40 years of experience in serving 50 million home users, SACON has established a healthy kitchen appliance brand - SACON. 40 years is a new beginning for SACON. Everything is full of vitality and prosperity. In the future, SACON will continue to focus on the health of Chinese kitchen life, from the care of family members to the long-term protection of thousands of households.



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