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SACON 2024 New Product Release

March 29, 2024  /  Latest News  /  Author: sacon

With the improvement of living conditions and upgrading of lifestyle and consumption concept, the national kitchen has gradually become high-end. People put forward higher requirements including integration, intelligence, personalization and so on. Based on the deep insight of users in the past 40 years, SACON is committed to developing and producing high-value kitchen appliances and the best cooking experience with professional technical support.

On March 28, SACON held the 40th anniversary brand strategy and 2024 Aspirant Conference with the theme of "Up", to promote  a healthy and better quality life for people. At the press conference, SACON released the "healthy cooking technology" technology and launched the product matrix with core "0-fume integrated cooking center" on the basis of the health needs and kitchen problem solving.

Released Healthy Cooking Technology to Solve the Essential Needs of Users

As an expert in healthy kitchen, SACON has a deep insight into the pain points of different people group and development products to solve the essential needs of users based on the technological precipitation of the kitchen industry in the past 40 years. Kitchen is a place full of love, SACON always take "technology creates a healthy and better life" as its corporate mission, to meet the needs of users for the continuous improvement of quality life.

SACON has focused on the kitchen industry for 40 years, always solving the user's cooking problems and constantly understanding people. With the improvement of quality of life in recent years, people pay more attention to health needs and enjoy the friendly experience brought by health function.

As an expert in healthy kitchen, SACON supported by professional technology and  development capabilities, released the "0 Fume integrated Cooking Center" at the press conference.This new product is based on the health concept and users' demand for health, makeing the kitchen PM2.5 fume dispersion rate less than 4%, so that users can  breathe freely when cooking in the kitchen and avoid the trouble of fume.

The hood is equipped with SACON's latest ultra-thin submersible technology, which can minimize the dispersion rate of oil fume. The high temperature pulse pressure washing technology developed by SACON makes the suction lasting for 10 years.

SACON 0 fume integrated cooking center truly provide the user with a friendly cooking experience. SACON returns to the origin of user needs, not only to truly solve the needs of users, but also to improve the user's beautiful life experience, so that the home is full of love.

Help upgrade the quality of life to meet the needs of users personalized

In real life, in addition to health functions, different users' consumption needs are also different. SACON believes that "technology for people" not only to meet the common needs of users, but also to solve the different kitchen problems of different groups of people.

So in the face of the personalized needs of users, SACON focuses on five categories of people, deeply analyzes the needs of various groups of people during the cooking in the kitchen, and proposes corresponding solutions based on "healthy cooking technology". At the press conference on March 28, SACON also launched a new product matrix such as " Gas Water Heater", "Disinfection Dishwasher" and "Integrated Cleaning Center".

These kitchen products can also be targeted to solve the different needs of various groups of people. For example, gas water heater can maximize the quiet home environment and quality sense of kitchen life.The silver ion bacteriostatic technology equipped with the product can ensure that the water used for washing is clean and sterile, to protect the human skin.

SACON electric steam oven can meet the various needs of cooking enthusiasts. On the one hand, the product is equipped with 47 star chef recipes.On the other hand, the product adopts dual drive automatic control technology to accurately control the temperature and humidity. The 5D hot air circulation technology can make the steamed and baked food delicious and less oil.

SACON disinfection dishwasher focus on the maternal and child health, to provide a variety of practical functions such as clean washing and fresh storage disinfection. The five-arm rotary spray cleaning technology can achieve the disinfection effect of maternal and infant level, and the bactericidal rate is greater than 99.999%; In the cleaning process, the dishwasher also has three layers of bowl basket and five pots washing function.

Indeed, consumers have long been not a simple product recipient, but a personality and rational selector, they are more concerned about whether kitchen products can meet their own needs. So how should kitchen company have a strong connection with consumers, and what kind of new development space should they find?

However, SACON has given a perfect answer already: close to the real scene needs of users, human demand-oriented technology as product development.

Even in recent years, China's kitchen appliance industry is in new change and development, as a healthy kitchen expert, SACON is leading and promoting the innovation and development of the entire industry the industry through profound insight into industry trends and user need.

In the future, SACON will continue to focus on the health of Chinese kitchen life, from the care of family members to the long-term protection of thousands of households.



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