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Gao Yuanyuan made perfect presentation of

March 28, 2023  /  Latest News  /  Author: sacon

Smile, seems to be a trivial expression, but it can convey the power of truth, sunshine and warmth. For SACON, smile is to let users smile from the heart, to bring happiness to employees, to bring confidence to customers, but also through the goddess of smile Gao Yuanyuan.

On March 28, SACON held the 2023 Brand Launch and National Marketing Conference with the theme "Shuaikang Just Good" in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. Gao Yuanyuan, the brand spokesperson o, appeared at the event and jointly launched a new product- the Integrated Cooking Center, to bring users better products and better cooking experience, so that users can smile from the heart during cooking in the kitchen.

Gao Yuanyuan, perfect interpretation of "Smiling Kitchen"

On March 28, Gao Yuanyuan, the national goddess, made a surprise appearance as the spokesperson of SACON brand in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. In everyone's eyes, Gao Yuanyuan radiates sunshine and beautiful temperament from the inside, which properly matched with SACON "Smile Kitchen".

Smiling kitchen is the new brand value concept of SACON 2023. From the brand level, healthy kitchen is the core value of Shuaikang, and "smile" is the high value experience, which is the concrete expression of  ease, cleanliness and beauty to users. The beauty of Gao Yuanyuan's smile is perfectly matched with the perception of SACON "Smile Kitchen", as well as the tonality of SACON brand.

As a pioneer of healthy kitchen, SACON has been constantly solving the real needs of users in the kitchen through innovative productse, and is committed to creating a healthy and beautiful life for users. In the current era of diversified and personalized consumption, SACON is grasping the opportunity to further expand and implement the value of user experience. Xu Xinjian, chairman of SACON group, said that in 2023, SACON will realize the mission of" creating a healthy and beautiful life ".

In SACON’s view, the kitchen business is about selling the good life and the yearning for home. While SACON’s "Smiling kitchen" is to deliver this beautiful perception to users. When asked why she chose SACON, Gao Yuanyuan said on the scene, "Shuaikang is a professional and high-end brand in the kitchen industry.The design and performance of the products are very good, so I can fully enjoy the fun of cooking."

SACON start a new journey for the future

As one of the most famous actresses in China, Gao Yuanyuan has brought excellent literary works  to the audience with her outstanding expressive force. At the same time, she has won the favor of many audiences and fans with her natural and amiable temperament. In her spare time, Gao also cooks meals for her family. In her opinion, cooking is a process to enjoy and relax herself. In the process of developing her cooking skills, she can bring a lot of fun to life.

Gao Yuanyuan said in the interaction that when she chose kitchen appliances, she paid more attention to the comfort of the products, the beauty and the better functions.

Moreover, Gao Yuanyuan admitted that she was attracted by the product  first. As the "person in charge" of home decoration, Gao Yuanyuan is very concerned about the choice of kitchen products and has her own unique aesthetic and personalized needs. But SACON products can meet her aesthetic and functional needs.

What SACON presented at this press conference was a whole series of products of SACON Integrated Cooking Center. In the coming years, it will gradually improve the entire product line of the integrated Cooking Center, which will form a matrix from Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q7 and these products will be available this year.

In fact, based on the understanding of the kitchen scene, SACON always pays attention to the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen, and strives to provide Chinese families with real high value products, so that users can enjoy the healthy and beautiful life more. With a smile, SACON will carry the firm strength of quality, technology, service and mission. We believe that SACON 2023 will continue to grow, and become the first choice of consumers' kitchens.

It is foreseeable that SACON will continue to tap into the consumer psychology of users  build a brand that makes people smile from the hearts.



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