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The World Earth Day-SACON practice brand responsibility with green health

April 22, 2022  /  Latest News  /  Author: sacon

April 22 is Earth Day, as the healthy kitchen pioneer, SACON always focus on scientific and technological innovation in green protection and energy conservation, to practically implement the brand social responsibility. By 2020, SACON was listed in The fifth batch of green factories”, and“The fifth batch of green design products”, 5 range hood products all from SACON. In the stage of product design and development, SACON considered the influence of raw material selection, production, sale, use, recovery and disposal on resources and environment, and minimized the consumption of resources.

In 2021, SACON was again selected 2021 green manufacturing list and won the green supply chain management enterprise honor. Green supply chain management (GSCM) is a modern management mode, aiming at comprehensive consideration of environmental impact and resource optimization in manufacturing supply chain. SACON not only to protect the Earth’s ecology, but also to protect the kitchen environment. In 2022, SACON and Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province jointly established the SACON Respiratory Health Special Fund, which focused on the health problems of the kitchen environment, and continuously to create a more green and healthy kitchen life experience for users. 



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