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SACON, open a new era of healthy kitchen at 2021 AWE

March 26 ,2021  /  Exhibition News  /  Author: sacon

On the morning of 23th Mar, 2021 new product launch conference of sacon with the theme of "SACON, open a new era of healthy kitchen" was grandly held in AWE2021.

At the press conference, SACON launched two annual new products, released the "White Paper on the Development Trend of Self-Cleaning Integrated Stoves" ahead of the industry, and officially started the "Invisible Oil Fume Detection Action in Millions of Households in Kitchens", and joined hands with AWE to compete for the future with health and wisdom. Industry association experts from many fields, media and partners gathered at the scene to witness the development and upgrading of Sacon brand 2021.

SACON Healthy Kitchen Exhibition Hall

SACON open a new era of healthy kitchen with new product launching

Products are the key carrier for building a healthy kitchen and home. Only by continuous innovation can consumers continue to enjoy a healthy life. At the meeting, Zhu Jun, vice chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, on behalf of the AWE organizer, affirmed SACON's developments and achievements in recent years, and pointed out SACON's exploration and upgrading of healthy kitchen appliances is the best embodiment of grasping the trend of this era.Zhu Jun, Vice Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association

Xu Xinjian, Chairman of sunrain, expressed gratitude to various industries and media for their long-term support, and stated that health is SACON's gene, as well as its strategy and mission. Facing the new era of "digitalization and intelligence", SACON invented two revolutionary products by breakthroughs in core technology, healthy cooking space and self- cleaning integrated stove, to provide a healthier kitchen life. Taking "Opening a New Era of Healthy Kitchen" theme as an opportunity, SACON clearly advocated that it is willing to work with colleagues in the industry and all walks of life to jointly promote the healthy upgrade of Chinese kitchens.Xu Xinjian, Chairman of Sunrain and SACON

At this press conference, SACON officially released two new products, the healthy cooking space H3 and the self cleaning integrated stove GY971. General manager of SACON industrial design company, professor Jin, shared the trend of 2021 industrial design, and deputy general manager of SACON marketing company chief product officer, Zhang, gave a detailed explanation for the innovative functions of two new products respectively.General manager of SACON industrial design company, professor JinDeputy general manager of SACON marketing company, Zhang Jiangao

Innovative technology and excellent performance of the two categories (healthy cooking space and the self cleaning integrated stove), are industry-leading. The healthy cooking space H3 is equipped with HarmonyOS, which realizes a brand-new upgrade of new hardware, new interactions, and new services. The automatic cleaning integrated stove GY971 adds smart new experiences such as smart audio and massive recipes.World champions of rhythmic gymnastics Zhao Jingnan and Shu Siyao

As the vision conveyed by the theme of this AWE "New Decade of Smart Future", the scenario-based health and smart kitchen integrated solutions created by SACON will lead a new round of consumption upgrades.

"White Paper on the Development Trend of Self-cleaning Integrated Stoves"

In 2020, the market scale and average price of offline integrated stoves with self-cleaning function have increased significantly compared with previous years. As a new category of kitchen appliances, it has shown strong growth, while SACON self-cleaning integrated stoves are far ahead in the industry.Wen Jianping, Chairman of Aowei Cloud Network

At this press conference, SACON, together with China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Aowei Cloud Network, and Weikai Testing Technology, jointly released the "White Paper on the Development Trend of Self-cleaning Integrated Stoves". This is another effort to promote the in-depth integration of kitchen and health from the perspectives of trends, definitions, standards, etc., it not only represents the industry's authoritative standards, but also means that SACON has taken the responsibility of promoting the upgrading and development of the industry.SACON Self-cleaning Integrated Stove Release and "Self-cleaning Integrated Stove Development Trend White Paper" Release Ceremony

SACON Healthy Cooking Space Release and the Launching Ceremony of the Invisible Fume Detection Action in Millions of Households' Kitchens

Invisible fume detection in the kitchens of tens of thousands of cities"

With the upgrade of health-related needs, more and more people are beginning to pay more attention to the health of the home environment, but they do not know much about the hidden hazards in the kitchen. In order to further enhance the public’s awareness of invisible oil fume and other kitchen health issues, at the press conference, under the witness of leaders and guests from various industries, China Home Appliance Research Institute and sacon formally launched the "Invisible fume detection in the kitchens of tens of thousands of cities" to help consumers understand the hazards in the kitchen.The "Invisible Fume Detection Action in Hundreds of Cities and Thousands of Kitchens" is a public welfare action for popular science, a guardian action that awakens people's health awareness, and a deep-seated demand in the market. Through the release of the new generation of health products and the inspection measures, SACON will continue to help upgrade the industry and build a better and healthy life for consumers.

Hand in hand with the world champion to promote health

SACON became the kitchen electricity products supplier for Chinese gymnastics team, with the craftsmanship quality and positive health concept, which was a major event on the development of SACON brand. At the end of the conference, SACON joined hands with the world champion of rhythmic gymnastics Zhao Jingnan and many gymnasts to bring artistic and competitive gymnastics performances to the audience, sharing a healthy lifestyle with SACON.Zhao Jingnan, World Champion of Rhythmic Gymnastics

The core essence of sports is to keep fit, full of healthy and progressive attitude, which coincides with SACON's health concept. Taking advantage of the Chinese national gymnastics team, SACON has the motivation to develop better. In the future, SACON will continue to promote the construction of a healthy China together with China's sports industry through innovation and breakthroughs.As the pioneer of healthy kitchens, SACON will continue to devote itself to creating a healthy cooking environment for consumers, advocating healthy eating styles and expressing healthy life attitudes.



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