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SACON 2021 Brand Marketing Annual Meeting was honorably held

January 20 , 2021  /  Latest News  /  Author: sacon

It is our sacred mission to develop SACON into the pioneer and leader of "Healthy Kitchen and Better Life".

On January 19th, SACON 2021 brand marketing annual meeting with the theme of "Gathering Strength and Leading the Healthy Kitchen Era" was held. This year's annual meeting, Chinese gymnast team is awarded SACON. At the same time, SACON took the lead in releasing the "Healthy Kitchen White Paper", building a matrix of new healthy products, and signing an authoritative media group.SACON was awarded the title of Chinese Gymnastics Team

The Chinese Gymnastics Team is known as the flagship team of the Chinese Sports Legion. It is the team that has won the most gold MEDALS in a single Olympic Games for the Chinese delegation in the history. For 37 years, SACON has been committed to improving the kitchen life of the Chinese people, creating a healthy cooking environment, advocating a healthy way of eating and expressing a healthy attitude towards life. It is also a national brand that has entered thousands of households. At this annual meeting, the China Gymnastics Association awarded SACON the "Kitchen Products Supplier of China Gymnastics Team" certificate. This is a major event in the development of the SACON brand and has trans-era significance for the future of the SACON brand.

Xie Huijun, deputy director of Gymnastics Management Center Office of General Administration of Sport of China, awarded SACON“Kitchen Products Supplier of China Gymnastics Team” Certificate.

Xu Xinjian, chairman of sunrain, said that SACON deserves to learn from the fighting spirit of the Chinese Gymnastics Team, which is a strong team of the Chinese sports team, representing the highest level of gymnastics. SACON should take this as the goal and move to the highest point. At the same time, Xu also pointed out that the core essence of sports is to keep fit, full of healthy and progressive attitude, which coincides with SACON’s health concept. Xie Huijun, deputy director of the Office of the Gymnastics Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, expressed his expectation and belief that SACON can continue to adhere to quality, make continuous breakthroughs, improve the kitchen environment of more families, and promote the construction of a healthy China together with the Chinese sports industry.Xie Huijun, Deputy Director of the Gymnastics Management Center Office of the General Administration of Sport of China, delivered a speech at the ceremonyFirst release the “White Paper of Healthy Kitchen”

As the rapid development of our society, in whole residential space, the kitchen becomes a place that cannot be ignored increasingly. Based on this, four major associations and institutions solemnly released the "Healthy Kitchen White Paper". This is the first industry white paper jointly launched by authoritative association and leading enterprises based on the concept of healthy kitchen, marking the healthy kitchen from the concept to the landing.Launching Ceremony of White Paper on Healthy Kitchen

"Healthy Kitchen White Paper" summarized the three main health loopholes in the current kitchen, and had insight into the five major development trends of Chinese kitchen in the future. And from the three dimensions of aseptic health, respiratory health, and nutritional health, it provided strong support for industrial upgrading, redefined the new future of the kitchen, and helped healthy China flourish. In the launch ceremony, Sun Mingyang, president of SACON, stated that the original intention and desire of the "Healthy Kitchen White Paper" is to popularize the knowledge of healthy kitchen to the society, increase the public's attention to kitchen health, and improve the health of people. In addition, Jin Yinlong, the former director of the Environmental and Health Related Product Safety Institute of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the vice president of the China Health Supervision Association, as the health kitchen consultant of SACON, congratulated and highly affirmed the release of the white paper.

Zhang Dongli, Chairman of China Hardware Products Association, Wu Haitao, Executive Deputy Director of National Household Appliance Industry Information Center, Zhang Jing, Deputy Secretary-General of Indoor Environment Control and Health Branch of China

Environmental Protection Industry Association, Ye Jing, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Gas Appliance and Kitchen Appliance Industry Association As representatives of associations and institutions, they delivered speeches for the release of "Healthy Kitchen White Paper".

Build a healthy product matrix to lead the industry's healthy upgrading

Products are the ultimate carrier for building a healthy kitchen and building a healthy ecology. At this annual meeting, SACON, witnessed by former Chinese gymnastics team member and world champion Sui Lu, and former Chinese gymnastics team member and World Cup champion Wu Liufang, released two new products, the healthy cooking space H2 and the automatic cleaning integrated stove GY971. The product matrix leads the kitchen appliance industry to upgrade again and seeks a new market in 2021.SACON healthy cooking space H2 release ceremony

SACON automatic cleaning integrated kitchen GY971 launch ceremony

Healthy cooking space H2 is a new generation of family health guardians. Former Chinese gymnastics team member and world champion. Wu said that the super solution brought by the healthy cooking space H2 to the family kitchen made me feel what SACON has made for the national health cause. It is hoped that SACON can promote a healthy lifestyle through good products such as healthy cooking space and make people healthier both physically and mentally.

The automatic cleaning integrated stove GY971 adopts pulse autoclave washing technology, which has attracted the special favor of Wu Liufang, a former Chinese gymnastics team member and World Cup champion. Wu said that SACON's products can improve the kitchen environment and enable more people to keep healthy. I hope that SACON can develop more and more healthy products like the automatic cleaning integrated stove GY971, and win the championship in the battlefield of healthy kitchens.

Have an insight into consumers’demand and understand the health of Chinese people. The new trend of healthy kitchen and new life of healthy quality led by SACON are rushing towards people.Signed a media group to release the brand's strong potential

With 37 years of accumulation, SACON has started a brand new journey. 2021 is the year of brand building for SACON, in order to better integrate the national IP of the Chinese gymnastics team and release brand potential. At the annual meeting, SACON signed with media groups such as CCTV, Tik Tok, Short Video, Taobao, Baidu and other media groups to convey the concept of healthy life to the public in all aspects.

Media Group Signing Ceremony

The media group signed SACON, both national authoritative media CCTV and trill short video creation and communication platform in the world, to form from authoritative CCTV to the spread of new media on the closed loop, which will be the effective cover consumer groups. A strong media camp can bring SACON's brand image, product advantages, and health concepts to the audience more accurately and efficiently.

Gathering strength to lead the healthy kitchen era

At the conference, the leaders of SACON delivered a wonderful speech for the participants and online audience respectively. Xu Xinjian, chairman of Sunrain and SACON , pointed out that “the people’s yearning for a better life is our goal”. This sentence not only reflected the strategic traction at the national level, but also revealed the trend of the times. A high-quality and beautiful life with health as the theme is inevitably the core demand for the development of the entire society. In 2021, SACON put forward the proposition of "choose SACON for healthy kitchens". This is not only SACON's unique brand position, but also the mission. SACON will continue to focus on "health" without hesitation.Xu Xinjian, Chairman of Sunrain and SACON group

Sun Mingyang, president of SACON, made a review of 2020 and looked forward to 2021. He believed that the times are changing, the environment is changing, and consumers are changing. Only those who do not forget their original aspirations will keep moving. In the past, SACON has achieved quality responsibility through years of technology accumulation and quality leadership; now SACON focuses on strength and focuses on kitchen health solutions; In the future SACON will develop with a healthy mission and continue to drive innovation to lead healthy kitchens.Sun Mingyang, President of SACON

Yang Bing, assistant to the president of SACON and general manager of the marketing company, elaborated on SACON's brand upgrade route in 2021. In 2021, SACON will use strategy to lead the brand, product support for the brand, channel display of the brand, market construction of the brand, service guarantee for the brand, and system promotion of the brand to achieve an all-round upgrade. Through IP resource binding of the National Gymnastics Team and cooperation with former champion athletes, we will create a SACON a champion kitchen and lead the era of healthy kitchens.Yang Bing, Assistant to President of SACON and General Manager of Marketing Company

Zhang Jiangao, deputy general manager and chief product officer of SACON Marketing Company, focused on the implementation measures of leading "New Era of Healthy Kitchen" from the two aspects of "strategic driving brand" and "product supporting brand".

Zhang Jiangao, Deputy General Manager and Chief Product Officer of SACON Marketing Company

SACON will continue in the brand upgrading, brand potential enhancement, brand rejuvenation, and brand activation.

SACON is implementing the good concept of healthy ecology step by step, giving birth to a new round of radical changes in the industry, leading a new healthy and smart lifestyle.



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